The Creative images production involves several steps and processes.
Be a simply image or a global campaign, our services ensure efficiency and innovation.

Creative Direction

The Creative Direction is the first stage of our working process. Everything starts after receiving your idea and based on the advertising guidelines, deadlines and budget, we search for the best visual and workflow to create the perfect production solution.

Through moodboards, references researches, concept illustrations, our creative team builds the perfect environment to bring your vision into reality. Our collaborative process not only includes our artists, but also all the other parts involved, like the advertising agency and the client.

In our cross-platform process, mixing all image-making techniques, each involved artist gives collaboration to build an unique and outstanding result. Be receiving a concept made at the agency or developing it in partnership, we are able to deliver the best result possible.



Photography is more than capturing subjects into frames. We believe it is the art of turning products, places and talents into emotions and memories. Working with this philosophy and in collaboration with the most modern image production techniques, we are able to create an unique image for any kind of need.

Our 200m2 in-house studio, and using the best photographic equipment available, ensure us to make any kind of production in collaboration the best industry partners available in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Los Angeles.

Just like our others departments, we integrate the photographic production with CGI, Illustration and Retouching, keeping Manipula´s multi-disciplinary vision, in order to maximize resources, timing and the best connection between our departments.



Creating photo-realistic images is one of the biggest digital-mediums challenge nowadays. From product shots to an entire fantasy world, the CGI is the perfect tool to bring any Three-dimensional idea into real images.

Our expertise, with international recognize and skilled CGI artists, combined with our structure containing  the latest technology and the most powerful working station ensure you to get the best results for your production. As well, our RenderFarm servers offers a breathtaking speed to render any size of images and be in your timeline.

In our multiple disciplinary process, the Computer Generated Images can be also used integrated or as support to other methods, just like a background for a photography, providing a lightning or perspective study, a sculpting tool for a character development or many other uses.



 Using the tailored process of digital retouching, we create and produce images like true artists. Every detail is thinking to increase the final image quality and producing a unique look and sophisticated finish.

Our talented post-production team, integrates and creates images from materials made by our other creative departments, or received from our clients.  Inspired by fine-arts, movies, video-games, the team not only put all the frames together, but make the highest quality creative results.

Since from the creative direction approval, the artists follow all the production stages and guide the production allowing us to maintain the best results, and guiding all the other involved parts to provide him all necessary stuff for a perfect delivery.


Executive Production

For a project get off the ground among so many creative minds some functional and agile minds are necessary to develop process and manage all the information to ensure the best results for the production. This is the main purpose of our Executive Production Team, guarantee and provide all the necessary support to ideas become into reality.

Since the quoting process, are executive producers are involved to search for the ideal providers, production processes, ensure the best costs and timeline. As long the production runs, the producers coordinate all the involved teams, manage all the information, coordinate the suppliers and is in charge of hiring locations, equipment and all the other production stuff.